The Cherry Blues Project

The Cherry Blues Project

About the artist
The Cherry Blues Project was formed in 2001 as a soundart project. It was created by two members that use the pseudonymns “Cherry” & “Blues”.

The music of The Cherry Blues Project involves a lot of styles, scattered throughout their 100 albums, 150 singles and EP’s.

As a band, we rarely perform Live. We focus on the creation of our albums, in our little studio.

When we began with the project we didn’t know how to continue, or if what we were doing had any value or significance at all. As time went by, we discovered artists that had a similar approach to music as we did, and it made us realize that what we did was really important.

We used to think that our work was nothing, that they were close to pure noise. But the time showed us that we were wrong.

What is The Cherry Blues Project?
First of all, we could say that it is a hobby for us; something we enjoy. An Act of Creation.

The process starts with the “Game” and with the sounds of reality.
We believe that our works are autobiographical; each of one of them representing a certain stage in our lives and our career as a “band”.

In a lot of our albums we can find: humour; noise; game; performance; free experiences; absurdity; Silliness; things not to be taken seriously; lies; satire; records impossible to listen to; talent; integrity and homogenity; concepts; lack of respect towards ears; sonic terrorism; contemplations of life; contradictions; electricity; unplugged; calm; chaos; idle; conversations and chats; violence, etc, etc, etc, etc


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