The Cherry Blues Project – El Viaje Remixed

RB038 - the Cherry Blues Project - El Viaje Remixed

The Cherry Blues Project released their album “El Viaje“ back in 2001, in 2007 they rework the material into two new ablums “El Viaje Revisited Vol.1 & Vol.2“. But that was not the end of the travel. TCBP send the tracks to 4 artists around the world. And they did really great remixes.

The results are very, very different. Mensa’s reworks are very dense and warm. The Jc-remixes are more rhythmic and percussive. Peacemaker bulit a noise-manifesto on the fragments of the TCBP-material and Adrián Juárez transformed “Journey“ into a trippy and relaxed electronica-piece.

Please keep in mind that Adrian Juarez released a whole album with remixes from the album:
El Viaje: Adrian Juarez Remixes“, released by audiotalaia netlabel.

Release Date

All original tracks written and produced by The Cherry Blues Project

Remixes done by
Jc of Jc+Gk
Adrián Juárez

done by The Cherry Blues Project,

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  • 1. But Now It’s Back Again (Mensa Remix)
  • 2. Incidental Travel Pt. 2 (JC+GK Remix)
  • 3. Insanity is Gone (Peacemaker Remix)
  • 4. Meditaciones Pt. 1 (Unreleased track)
  • 5. Yendo a Casa (JC+GK Remix)
  • 6. Station, Pt. 1 (Mensa Remix)
  • 7. Journey (Adrián Juárez Remix)
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