Saito Koji – Yes

It is Saito Koji-time again. After eight previous releases on Resting Bell, Saito is back on Resting Bell with a new release

» RB117 – Saito Koji – Yes

And his latest contribution to the Resting Bell-catalog is really huge. It is a five hour work. 16 titles with a duration of 4:33 minutes each and five long forms with 39 minutes to 48 minutes. The sixteen short tracks play with a distorted and rough tone. Little guitar miniatures are hidden under a dense curtain of hiss and dust. The long forms are coming with a cleaner guitar sound, playing with extrem short patterns, soft droning waves or swirling melodies.

Enjoy this massive work and thanks a lot for this wonderfull contribution, Saito.

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New Moji Moji-release

Moji Moji’s new album “Toda esta naturaleza es impredecible” will be released as CD and digital download via Oxide Tones on March 15th.


You can preorder the album on March 10th or have a listen to a preview song right now:


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