The Cherry Blues Project – The Psychiatric Years EP Vol. 1

RB069 - The Cherry Blues Project - The Psychiatric Years EP Vol. 1

The Cherry Blus Project, a two-people-project from argentina, was one of the first artists on Resting Bell. They are mainly known for more experimental music, field recordings, noise and improvisation. For their “new“ release on Resting Bell they did something you wouldn’t expect.

They recorded a folk record. “The Psychiatric Years EP“ is rescued material from TCBP, about 4-5 years old, compiled into two EPs. All the material is folk music. Songs with melodies and structures, mostly done with guitar and voice. The production sounds really noisy in some places. Hisses, background-noises, rough sketches of songs and ideas. A great meeting between traditional song-structures and a growning experimental background.

Keep your eyes open and watch out for part 2 of this recording.

Release Date

All tracks written and produced by The Cherry Blues Project

done by The Cherry Blues Project

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  • 1. Muerte en Corina Town
  • 2. Hay un Paralítico
  • 3. Escalofríos
  • 4. Cuando te Mires al Espejo
  • 5. Yo No Se
  • 6. Estoy Deseoso de Tu Amor
  • 7. Tengo Miedo (De Morir)
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