slowAbout the artists
I make music since ’99, my father is musician too.

I always loved huge atmospheric music so I love to make ambient and psychedelic techno.

Suokas is the techno project and Slow is ambient. The main idea is to put my deepest emotions in any kind of music on different platforms, so it can be any sound, any style but there are only my feelings.

There is a lot of music that influences my choice of the platform for making music and often it is close to my feeling of sound, but anyway the main message is in my soul, so you can call it “soul” music.

I think when you put a lot of truth emotions into your music it becomes psychedlic and hypnotic, because you believe in your sound, you just live in it and every sample or synth is your friend with his own life.

When you start to believe in the world that you create in your music, people can feel it easier and your music becomes more powerful – that is the secret.

Also my music is slow, smooth, that’s why i called my project so. You listen to it, it moves slowly, new layer appears from a far, softly and lovingly. I love to make gentle music.


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