brunkMy real name is Bert Vanden Berghe, I’m a Belgian homerecording musician (born in 1977, now living in Ghent).

For a living I’m graphic designer; my real passion is music.

When I was young I learned to play classical guitar, but it wasn’t untill I was 17 that I started to search my own way musically.

From the beginning I developed a very broad and eclectic taste, from rock to classic, from metal to electronica to noise…

I started with ‘brunk’ in 1998; just wanted to record and experiment with music in a free way, without stylistic restrictions or a predefined direction.

I choose a DIY approach as a way of preserving artistic freedom, as opposed to a ‘professional’ way of working, which implies working towards a certain ‘product’.

The feeling, sound, expressive and spontaneous aspect of music is more important to me, than the technical or theoretical side.

This is why improvisation plays such an important role in my music, not only with brunk but with most of my projects (like invertebrata or Passive Cable Theory), and projects I’m involved with (like Karen Eliot or fi_ber).

Recently, the music of brunk is more focussing towards a harmonic, quiet and introspective direction.

‘winter ep’ is an example of this: 4 quiet brunk songs, based on slow guitar improvisations and some additional sounds and noises. (recorded in february 2008)


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