diatribes tour

Last friday Resting Bell released the new HKM+/diatribes-work as a free mp3-download. But you can also get this release as limited CDr (200 copies) with a fantastic color print/screenprint-artwork.

And both groups will hit the road the next days for a 10-day tour »all tour-dates

March tour, CH/DE/CH
20.03.2010, with 1+1, Mamaseu! z, Genève, CH
21.03.2010, with Jonas Kocher (accordeon & objects), La Laiterie, Lausanne, CH
22.03.2010, with HKM+ & more, Wendel, Berlin, DE
23.03.2010, with HKM+ & more, kulturhaus mitte, Berlin, DE
24.03.2010, with HKM+ & more, oscar/weltecho, Chemnitz, DE
25.03.2010, with HKM+ & more, ZORO, Leipzig, DE
27.03.2010, with HKM+ & more, ludwigstrasse 129, Leipzig, DE
29.03.2010, with HKM+ & more , interventionsraum, Stuttgart, CH
30.03.2010, with HKM+ & more, WIM, Zurich, CH
31.03.2010, with HKM+ & more, Oblo, Lausanne, CH

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