The Accidental Psaltery – Sending You Going

The Accidental Psaltery is an ongoing project of musician and sound artist Rick Tarquinio. Random loops and phrases arranged by chance shift and phase into gradually evolving soundscapes. More like weather than music, the accidental psaltery is meant to be listened to while doing other things or going about one’s business.

His release “Sending You Going” consists of three beautiful tracks with a complete duration of 70 minutes. It is basically a psaltery and on some spots a bit of delay, that is all. And with such a limited set-up Rick creates wonderful clear soundscapes. Tones are dripping like rain drops. Overtones are whirrling around my head and after completing the record I can just start over again.

Surely you can listen to this while doing other things but to be honest I got carried away every time. So do whatever you want to do and enjoy these sublime soundscapes.

Release Date

All music by The Accidental Psaltery
Recorded by Rick Tarquinio, Autumn 2010

Artwork and Photo by Christian Roth,

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  • 1. Without Saying
  • 2. Sending You Going
  • 2. Any Moment
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This release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
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