Appalachian Falls – GrimGrimAntonym

Resting Bell celebrates the 100th release with a small release-series, consisting of 4 parts.
The fourth part is done by Appalachian Falls.

“GrimGrimAntonym” is a 30 minute-work consisting of two live sessions with an array of distortion pedals and tape machines. Both works are full of haunted tones and distorted fragments. A massive wall of sound crackling in your ears and melting your brain, evolving to smoother soundscapes which are transformed back into a vulcanic blow out.  My recommendation for this: Hear it as loud as possible.

Thanks will never be enough but it is all I am left with.

Release Date

All music by Appalachian Falls

Thanks to fans, friends, family.
Special love and thanks to where it all began and with whom – Christian Roth and the Resting Bell family. Thanks will never be enough but it is all I am left with.

Artwork and Photo by Christian Roth,

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  • 2. Antonym
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