Bengalfuel – Kokolias

Resting Bell celebrates the 100th release with a small release-series, consisting of 4 parts.
The second part is done by Bengalfuel. Lou DiBenedetto & Joe LiTrenta began making music together around the end of 2009 and have released music on various labels such as Hibernate Recordings, Rural Colours, Lizard Breakfast and Isolationism.

Bengalfuel’s music is their gift to the ghosts so they will have some peaceful music to listen to. And their new work “Kokolias” is working definitely right in that direction. They present 6 ethereal and atmospheric pieces, pure bliss and beauty. The music oscillates between highly melodic soundscapes, deep droning elements and shimmering high frequencies. Giving the ghosts a wonderful soundtrack.

As a long-time fan of Bengalfuel I’m really happy that they are taking part in the RB100-series. Thank you Lou & Joe.

Release Date

All music by Joe LiTrenta and Lou DiBenedetto

Special thanks to Aimee

Photos by Joe LiTrenta

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  • 1. Fewer and Fewer
  • 2. Shiv
  • 3. Venom
  • 4. Malphas
  • 5. Derelict Vessel
  • 6. D’raff
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