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Lucas Page (a.k.a. moji moji) is a musician/sound designer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His first EP album is entitled “Detroit de le Maire” and was released by Hipidukimuzik net label. Detroit de le Maire comprises 4 tracks inspired by the Lemaire strait, (which runs between Tierra del Fuego and Isla de los Estados).

For his second album, “N”, moji moji travels to the argentinean northwest and draws inspiration from the immensity of its breathtaking landscapes. The result are 5 beautiful pieces between postrock, shoegaze, pop and ambient. Sliding guitar tones, a fine and subtle composition with guitar, keyboards and percussion are ending up in a big, organic soundscape. Walls of sound are built up and falling apart within this work and you can always close your eyes and let the music carry you away.

Release Date

All Songs written, produced and mastered by Lucas Page
Thanks to: Clau, Pedro Quintans, Guillermo Piacenza, Mael Page, Vero, Fer, Capo, Rodri, Christian and Laura. Al norte Argentino y a su magnetismo.

done by Mael Page, Lucas Page

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  • 1. De los Molles al rincón del Coya
  • 2. El robot de San Francisco Solano señala el sendero…
  • 3. Camino del Colorado
  • 4. La hamaca de Iruya
  • 5. El laberinto de la noche nos conduce a Cachi
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