Peregrino – El azul helado del alba

Peregrino is Bernardo Durand’s project. He was born in Muñiz, Argentina in 1982, where he teaches literature to young boys. Bernardo started Peregrino in 2007, when he got his accordion. Bernardo also runs the label “Ahora Eterno”, best known for releases from Pulmon, Sublamp and himself.

“El azul helado del alba” consists of 7 tracks and has a complete duration of 44 minutes, full of warm, athmospheric and organic drone-sounds. All tracks are fitting together very homogenic. There is a metallic shimmering melody-line, a deep droning fundament and hushed strings, all elements combined to a dark, gloomy sound-sculpture. Especially the organic and dusky character of “El azul helado del alba” provides an abyssal listening-adventure. It feels like walking through an old railway tunnel or diving into a deep sea.

Grab your headphones and enjoy the soothing effect of this wonderful work.

Release Date

All tracks written and recorded by Peregrino
Mastering by Fernando Pomies at Narf! Recordings

done by Christian Roth,
Cover image was taken by Cecilia Ruiz

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  • 1. En una habitación oscura
  • 2. Entre cedros gigantes
  • 3. En la vieja cabaña, la ventana clausurada
  • 4. El silencio de los animales
  • 5. Cientos de luces extrañas iluminan la noche
  • 6. El azul helado del alba
  • 7. La vuelta de los animales
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