Off Land – Anniversary EP

Similar to my previous release, Commute, which was an exercise in revisiting a past experience, the Anniversary ep is an exercise in revisiting a moment of time. Parts of my wedding were documented with field recordings. This included pre-ceremony unpacking / chatter / music, post-ceremony celebration / music, and a hike up a mountain. This material became the album’s skeleton. The guitar and French Horn were exstracted from the original field recordings.

I decided to honor the original rural conditions for playing music at my wedding and record the release with acoustic instruments only. The result is a group of dusty organic pieces that sonically represent a mountainous hike in mist and the day’s memories, as far as weather conditions will let you go. A french horn bellows and the distance on an early May day in northern New Hampshire.

Release Date

All tracks written and recorded by Off Land 2009-2010

Guitar by Ben Dwyer
French Horn by Eric Damashek
Field Recording by Marc Damashek

done by Tim Dwyer
Image by Ben Dwyer

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  • 1. Arrival
  • 2. Practice
  • 3. Ceremony, part 1
  • 4. Streams
  • 5. Ascent
  • 6. Of Height
  • 7. Ceremony, part 2
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This release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
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