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RB072 - gillicuddy - music for moles

gillicuddy is definitely a man for special releases. Remember his last ep “the repeating thoughts…” on Resting Bell, containing 2 – no! – 4, or better, 5 tracks? “music for moles” contains 10 tracks and this time no track repeats, I promise. The songs were mostly recorded during the “the repeating thoughts…” sessions and they are all beautiful folk-sketches in a pretty rough stage. And because of the raw outfit I’ll also give you a pretty sketchy release description, based on the notes gillicuddy gave to me:

– Consider the whole thing as sort of a “fragmentary musical fairy tale”
– The genre tag of the audio files is (fittingly) set to “soundtrack”
– This is “krtek”:
– It’s been recorded with the memo function of a Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phone

So you can see: It’s about moles, it has kind of a concept and it’s been recorded with a mobile phone. Make your own picture and enjoy it.

Release Date

All tracks written and produced by gillicuddy

done by  gillicuddy
mole drawing taken from “Ausführliche Naturgeschichte des Thier-, Pflanzen- und Mineralreichs” (1837) by Samuel Schilling

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  • 1. dirty dawn
  • 2. shovel! shovel!
  • 3. ms. molette
  • 4. dangling on the clouds
  • 5. clumsy mole
  • 6. krtek superstar
  • 7. sad krtek
  • 8. sham fight with daylight
  • 9. instrumental #1
  • 10. gone
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