Ennio Mazzon – The Possibility Of Joy

RB068 - Ennio Mazzon - The Possibility Of Joy

Ennio Mazzon is an Italian sound artist. I first heard of him as a remixer of Off Land’s “Input Shape”.
But he did netaudio-releases on Audiotalaia and Timetheory and a CDr-release on his own imprint “Ripples Recordings”, as well as various sampler-contributions.

“The Possibility Of Joy” contains 4 tracks with a complete duration of about 22 minutes.
Most of the material seems to be generated with synthesizers and electronical equipment with
a little addition of field recordings in some parts. The sound is based between athmospherical, clean sounds and noisy, distorted parts, opening up a wide range of listening-impressions. Creating noise on one hand but also beatiful emerging melodies within these loud and massive soundwalls.

To speak with Ennio’s words: “I want to transform the natural silence.“ So close your eyes and drift through all the different layers of granulations, distortions and glitches.

Release Date

All tracks written and produced by Ennio Mazzon

done by Christian Roth, www.goyippi.net
Image: Titan (Mond) (7066090), Courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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  • 1. Numbed Feet
  • 2. De La Lutte
  • 3. 26 of December
  • 4. In A Year
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