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RB067 - strom noir - kueyen

strom noir is a project of Emil Matko, born in 1979 and now living in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is wellknown from his releases on u-cover (ylomejja, kruhyNAvode), ambsine (luvyoo) and format noise (lorawa).

“kueyen“ brings you six athmospheric ambient-experimental tracks, built mainly with electric and acoustic guitar loops, synth-layers and some well-arranged field-recording elements. Deep, sometimes really dark droning elements, repetitive melodic structures and more abstract electronic sounds were composed to six works with a big ambience and a little melancholic touch. Especially the combination between the rougher guitar loops and the cleaner synth-parts opens up a new and wide soundworld to the listener.

A great release to enjoy the last summer evenings here in Europe.
Please lay back, watch the stars above you and enjoy “kueyen“.

Release Date

All tracks written and produced by strom noir

done by Christian Roth,
Image: ESO – Titan (by), Author: ESO

The image shows the Saturn moon “Titan” on November 20, 25 and 26, 2002 through five filters.
The images were taken by the telescope “Yepun”.

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  • 1. kueyen
  • 2. yepun
  • 3. turiec
  • 4. undanda
  • 5. antu
  • 6. tao tao
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