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Since 1994 jmdkm has been active in the arts, particularly in painting, photography and sound.
He has been in a self-centered experimenting mode which has possibly gone into a naive approach.

“Start Here” contains 9 tracks on a scale from playful to noisy and it is all about trying to find out where it aches or not, trying to feel where it hurts so good. Taking an electro-acoustic path, with nothing but a dorky drum kit, 2 cheesy toy keyboards and some stomp boxes.

In a way the sounds are a bit “harsh” but the notion throughout “Start Here” has always been melancholic and somewhat poetic…

Release Date

“Start Here” is a collection of arrangements written in 2007/2008 by jmdkm.
The actual recordings came together in collaboration with Chris Groeneveld (additional guitar, piano, feedback & FX on track 6 & 8).

The recording sessions mostly took place between August 2008 in Seget Gornji, Croatia and January 2009 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

done by jmdkm and Christian Roth,
Image by jmdkm

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  • 1. i am a little girl
  • 2. big engine grease and grind
  • 3. popeye eats his spinach
  • 4. nightelves on my way to the fridge
  • 5. walk and walk and run
  • 6. alphabet & a love concerning motorway
  • 7. klondike exhaust
  • 8. catch me compiling pillows
  • 9. let me know if ya wanna go steady
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