Summons of Shining Ruins – BIRD REQUIEM

RB060 - Summons of Shining Ruins - BIRD REQUIEM

Analog Vibrations. That points into the right direction. Summons of Shining Ruins is a project of Shinobu Nemoto, who works with electric guitar, tape delay, old rhythm machines, stompboxes and 4-track-recorders. No computer or software is used to record this work. And you can hear that in every tone.

“BIRD REQUIEM“ sounds at the first listen extremly raw. You can not define what you hear in the first moment. But everything sounds a bit haunting, hidden under a layer of dust. But the longer you listen, the more you can feel how warm everything sounds and how spirited this work is.
You can point out subtle melodies, coming to you through this thick curtain build by delay over delay and tone over tone. You can hear the rhythm machine, ticking and rumbling from the past. And at some points you can imaging voices or shapes, floating by.

To follow Shinobu’s advice: Listen to it loud and feel the analog vibration.

Release Date

Written and recorded by Shinobu Nemoto
Recorded at MOUFU-ROKUON on guitar, recorded on reel to reel / January 2009

Dedicated to N. Manabu

done by Christian Roth,
Image by Shinobu Nemoto at “ENOSHIMA” with Ileun

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  • 1. SONG 1 – UTA
  • 2. SONG 2 – MES
  • 3. SONG 3 – DEBU
  • 4. SONG 4 – UTYU
  • 5. SONG 5 – HEL
  • 6. SONG 6 – UTAN
  • 7. SONG 7 – PONKORI
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