gillicuddy – the repeating thoughts of old zinng-zanng

“grumpy folk with a grin”, that’s how gillicuddy, in real life Andi Rohden, titles his musical output. Mainly based on folk-orientated acoustic guitar-lines with slightly broken vocals and additional background-structure from a keyboard, melodica, accordion or a second guitar-line, his work reminds me mostly of Tom Waits, acoustic dEUS, non-electrical Notwist or Modest Mouse.

“the repeating thoughts of old zinng-zanng“ is the follow-up to his “Shmalhans is Kuechenmeister“-release on Merzbau-Label and it is a very special thing. On the release-label it consists of 5 tracks, only numbered by roman letters I to V. Starting to listen, you’ll first get two outstanding folk-pop-tunes. Track “I” has a certian “The Notwist“-feeling in my ears, a very clear and catchy melody, a bit melancholic but always with a shimmering light in the back. The track fades away after two minutes, and “II” starts. More dramatic and deeper, but also leaving a footprint in your auditory canal when it stops after another two minutes. Followed by “III” which means 10 seconds silence and then…

…you hear “the repeating thoughts“. Is it the same? Is it slightly different? Am I in the head of a songwriter? Am I part of the process? Is it a joke?

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All tracks written and produced by gillicuddy

done by gillicuddy

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The CDr contains all five audio-tracks and a data-track with mp3-tracks, video and pictures.
It is packed in a metal-box with hand-ripped labels.

the repeating thoughts of old zinng-zanng CDr 1the repeating thoughts of old zinng-zanng CDr 2the repeating thoughts of old zinng-zanng CDr 3

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