Ghosts and Strings – Canciones del Futuro

RB037 - Ghosts and Strings - Canciones del Futuro

Ghosts and Strings is the current project by composer/sound artist/multi-instrumentalist David Molina, also known as “Los Veneremos“.

Molina studied and performed classical guitar for almost 12 years until he discovered the art of recording and scoring music for theatre, dance, film. 12 more years went by and the rest was history.

Unlike the output of his experimental, noise, ambient group Transient, “Canciones del Futuro“ is an epic, harmonic, cinematic, guitar driven, 3 track EP. Molina combines field-recordings, beautiful guitar lines, percussion, organic samples, flutes, and voice to create wonderful touching songs that fall some where in between Folk, Shoegaze, Electronica and Ambient.

Release Date

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by David Molina
at Bernal Hill Studios (my bedroom) between winter 2006 and winter 2007.

Instruments used:
acoustic and electric guitars, Appalachian Mounatain Dulcimer, broken autoharp, cello, Drums, flutes, field recordings, found objects, children’s toys, Numark Axis 9, Virus B synth, Line 6 DL4, Line 6 Pod XT., Pro Tools LE.

done by Susie Valdez

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  • 1. heights
  • 2. searching
  • 3. judgement day
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