jeremy bible & jason henry – glare

RB032 - jeremy bible & jason henry - glare

Jeremy Bible and Jason Henry are two productive artists based in Canton, Ohio, an area of the United States referred to as ‘the rust belt’ due to its rapid industrial decline. Similar to their surroundings which contrast rural farmland against decaying industrial landscapes, the duo contrast various sounds and styles in ways that can be compared to the elegant and subtle color contrasts created by painters of fine abstract-expressionist art. Utilizing field recordings, found sounds, acoustic instrumentation and electronic soundscapes, their compositions take place in the wide field of musique concrete, experimental acoustic music, and electronic sound design.

“glare“ is a huge piece of modern contemporary music. 5 tracks, about 60 minutes duration.
From the first track, you can almost grab the intense and exciting spirit, being inherent in these pieces. Dark and gloomy melodies meet abstract glitches, lost radio frequencies, mysterious field recordings and other interferences. With all these ingredients, Jeremy and Jason create warm, nostalgic, and at times frightening scenery.

It smells like old basements, dusty treasure chests, old physical instruments and yellowed pictures from your grandmother’s photo album.

The duo’s growing catalog of “sound paintings”, each creating a new experience, will see release through a growing list of labels including Resting Bell, Gruenrekorder, Abgurd, Gears of Sand, and their own imprint, Experimedia.

Release Date

All tracks written and produced by jeremy bible & jason henry

done by jeremy bible & jason henry

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  • 1. glare
  • 2. retlr
  • 3. crmin
  • 4. fermrslf
  • 5. brkng
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