Ian D Hawgood – The Fire Will Die At Night

RB016 - Ian D Hawgood - The Fire Will Die At Night

“Fire rushes across the mountain. Its beautiful, and its all around me now. But the fire will die at night and I will realise that I am alone, remembering the way things used to be. This night has come too soon.”
Ian D Hawgood 03/11/07 00:45

4 tracks of enormous beauty are presented by Ian D Hawgood on “The Fire Will Die At Night”.
With great soundscapes and multiple layers of different soundsources, this EP catches you and leaves you with a soft shiver over your back. Ian creates a warm and gentle ambience with soft glitches, some percussions, beats and wide spaces. All woven together very, very subtley.

Enjoy this great piece of music on the border between ambient and electronica.

Release Date

All tracks written and produced by Ian D Hawgood

done by Christian Roth, www.goyippi.net
Image by Takasunrise0921, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5

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  • 1. The Fire’s Rush Across The Mountain
  • 2. It’s Beautiful You See, And It’s All Around
  • 3. Remembering The Way Things Used To Be
  • 4. This Night Has Come Too Soon
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This release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
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