Zero a m m 0

zero a m m 0

About the artist
Zero a m m 0 is a Montreal duo formed by composers and multi-instrumentists Mathieu Graveline and Benoit Panneton. The Project is oscillating between modern, contemporary, modal, minimalist, ambient and electronic music…. From analog and modular synthesis, tape manipulations, field recordings and organic-instrumental sources, Zero a m m 0 are in constant sound and texture researches… The music emerging from these deep experimentations are filled with melancolic reminiscences, airy gestures and undeniable hope… Zero a m m 0 is all about finding our way through light and darkness… and to reconciliate the two entities…

Mathieu Graveline and Benoit Panneton:
ideas, structures, guitar,bass ,drums, piano, typewriter, glockenspiel, analog synths, tape manipulations, bipolar violins,holy trumpets of hope, sampling, recording, mixing


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Resting Bell Music Player

Resting Bell Music Player

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