About the artist
V4W.ENKO – media project of Evgeniy Vaschenko, started in 2007 as live electronics, working with sound and visual streams.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Sound and video streams are being realised in real time by manipulating of self programmed algorithms. Parts of algorithms have simple form and are correlated one with another by simple rules. One of the fields of the processes are generative audio and video exploration, accurate and spontaneous composition, absolute live improvisation with self programmed algorithms. Another one is abstract and minimalistic approaches wich are directed to create spaces through the sound and visual materials. Working with, Andrey Kiritchenko, Kotra, Zavoloka, Alla Zagaykevych, .At/on, D`Incise, Ujif_Notfoound, AIUTO, Sanmi.

Since 2007 V4W.ENKO released over 10 solo and some collaborative albums (on CD and net-releases) as well as participated in more than 12 compilations (included Vague Terrain, submitted by Kim Cascone; Qwartz 7 compilation). Produced more than 14 solo video works as well as produced several abstract audiovisual works in collab with Ukrainian visual artist AIUTO. Worked with labels and platforms of contemporary arts such as Kvitnu, Nexsound, Electroton, 0 Bis, Microsound, Digitalbiotope, Entity, JNN, Clear Magazine.

In 2011 the audio/visual CD album “Harmonic Ratio”(2009) was mentioned by “Qwartz Awards” (under direction by Alva Noto and Matali Crasset) as nomination in “Discovery” category.


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