Shinobu Nemoto

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It should continue. What is it.
What do you mean it.
What do you mean.

QP series
QP is winged, stomach bulge
Boy or girl can not know.
It’s just mayonnaise.

He is a living person, that here, somewhere there had been
I do not know. Sometimes, I feel.
Talks alone. severe
Where, here’s what was on.
Do not know. Strangeness. 6 square feet in the room. Objects.
Deureureureureuk. Gigikgigikgigik. Crunchy squares.
Black and white film. Oh, dazzling light.
6 square feet in the room and he was making music.
Talks alone. severe
Seems to last a long time.
Projectors continue to return.

___000 (((What does that continue.
Do you know it.
Own. Continue. Although here. This is not the time. A lot.
_ Time to make music. The question and the description side.

Text by Cho Ileun


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