segueAbout the artists
Segue is Jordan Sauer from Vancouver, Canada. His sound is a patchwork of textures and tones with a focus on the interplay of timbre. These sounds are created through the blending of various instruments (12-string guitar, piano, violin, melodica, glockenspiel, various percussive instruments) and incidental found sounds.

With a glass darkly, several compositions were blended together and recorded into a single mix; the end result is a shifting palette of ambient sounds and colors – a series of transitions, of segues. For Jordan, creating music from sound is a means of emotional release where both the tensions and joys of day-to-day existence are manifest.

Jordan has several releases of music on various netlabels, including Autoplate (Thinner), Kyoto_digital, Silent Season and his own db/duckbay. Most of this material is based on ambient/dub/glitch soundscapes. His approach to music/sound composition is constantly evolving. Being a lover of all music, future projects may include, but not limited to: melodica drone, acapella experiments, ukulele/island/psychedelic/folk and/or more of the same.


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