Julien Skrobek

Julien SkobekAbout the artists
He was born in Paris. As a teacher, he naturally became interested in the process of memorization and his work revolves around the relation between music, silence and memory. The main question it asks is: If I hear a note of music, when do I need to hear the next one in order to be able to build upon its trace ?

His first release was dedicated to Radu Malfatti. However, although he uses silence as an important tool of composition, he uses sounds in a mostly consonant way and always maintains a chord progression to his pieces. Indeed, the idea is that the time structures of reductionist music can and should be used with all kinds of material, like jazz chords or everyday sounds.

Le Palais Transparent; Free Software Series (www.freesoftwareseries.org)
Plage Concrète; Time Theory Netlabel (www.jon7.net/timetheory)
Membra Disjecta; Desetxea (www.mattin.org/desetxea.html)
Article « Temporal Windows »; In Place blog (jezrileyfrench-inplace.blogspot.com)

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