About the artist
This morning was particularly vivid. It began with a feeling of great beauty, set in a perfect, early-spring day. The dandelions were bursting out in golden yellow and there was a warm and exciting ambience that foretold of pleasant things to come. We were in the country, taking long strides in green fields. Each stride carried us enormous distances, over hedges and rivers, even up over the tallest trees. All we had to do was to push with our feet to take wing. We loved travelling like this, so powerful yet so light and peaceful.

A noise caused us to stir then awaken. We lay still, retaining our dream and it’s tranquillity.

Slowly the sounds of the day entered our minds. Birds were twittering in the apple tree outside and he could see the glow of sunshine edging over his windowsill.

We eased out of bed and began our usual morning exercises, stretching and bending, forwards and backwards and from side to side. We then dressed in comfortable trousers, sweater and shoes. The, carefully made our way down the stairs into the kitchen to make breakfast. A day that began like the continuation of a dream shouldn’t have to wait for us to eat our breakfast!


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