Collin Thomas

Collin Thomas is an experimental musician, composer, and artist.

While earning his degree in music from Baker University, Thomas conceptualized “The Alphabet Method of Musical Construction,” a chance-based method of musical “construction” based around the common English alphabet. He has composed numerous pieces (both with the method and without) including works for percussion, winds and many different chamber ensembles.

As an experimental musician, Thomas has released over ten albums, many of which can be downloaded for free.

Using the motto “Music for Turtles, Librarians and Free-Minds alike,” he tends to focus on slow and quiet textures, but has also created a body of work juxtaposing the musical genres of ambient and free-jazz. Vital Weekly said of his album windows/walks, “This music is what Brian Eno intended when he thought of Ambient music. Music that surrounds you.”

Thomas is also an active artist and amateur photographer. He has created many artist’s books, videos and photographic series, many of which incorporate his love for deterioration, rust and construction elements.

Thomas lives in the Kansas City area.


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