Grouper: Way their crept

Grouper: Way their creptThis record is not really a new one.
First published 2005 on FREE PORCUPINE SOCIETY on CD, Type Records released a vinyl version a few month ago.

I got it last week, and it blew me away. Layers and more layers of delayed sounds and voices are put together to an deep atmospheric journey into your head.

You don’t recognize when one song ends and the other one starts, and when you listen to this records with headphones (do it, you won’t forget it), it feels like Liz Harris put all this directly between your ears. It is a great and timeless record. If you don’t have a turntable, you can still get the mp3-version of the record at boomkat.

For a visual impression:
Grouper @ 21 Grand, Oakland March 2006
grouper and ilyas ahmad
Grouper Homepage
Grouper @
Type Records

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