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Resting Bell

Newsletter 07/09

Hello everybody,
four new releases are available since the last newsletter!
Please have a listen and enjoy the summer :-)

All the best

Christian | Resting Bell


Recent Releases

RB065 - IJO - The White Out EP

IJO is audrius vaitiekunas from klaipeda, lithuania. IJO is most well known for his energetic, drill and bass music that fuses together pop aesthetics, avant-garde noise with jazz-inspired, lyrical synth melodies. But that is only one side of the story. IJO also produces beautiful and inspiring ambient music.

On his EP "The White Out" you will find 5 tracks, all rather short, between three and five minutes. All together about 20 minutes, but beautifully involving and with a very strong melodic touch.

From the first track on, "The White Out" covers you with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You can hear dreamy synth-landscapes, slowly shifting and emerging, little melody-spots and some rare field-recording elements, added at the right moments.

A great ambient experience with links to pop and electronica. Please enjoy.

A Western Addition / May 2009



RB064 - A Western Addition - Lullabyes for the Sleepless

I'm writing these words from Qingdao, China where this collection of songs sound like they're from outer space compared to the syrupy love songs that blast out of the speakers here. These pieces take me back to my years in my studio apartment off McAllister Street in San Francisco. Often, as I'd watch the evening fog roll by pass Twin Peaks out of my kitchen window, I'd play my guitar; and sometimes on those special nights angels would visit, allowing my fingers to miraculously play themselves.

The recordings are of various objective quality due to bad recording technique ('Sagano' was recorded on an IPod mic). But when I tried to rerecord some of the songs I discovered that I preferred the original versions because they had the most honest emotion. In the end I decided to just keep them, warts and all, as a document of that time. Basically what you hear is me in my cramped kitchen talking to myself by banging, scraping, and caressing six steel strings on a plank of wood.

I don't know where these songs come from; but I know it is a dark restless place. So in that spirit, here is a collection of lullabies for the sleepless who hold a special place in my heart.

A Western Addition / May 2009



RB063 - jmdkm - Start Here

Since 1994 jmdkm has been active in the arts, particularly in painting, photography and sound.
He has been in a self-centered experimenting mode which has possibly gone into a naive approach.

"Start Here" contains 9 tracks on a scale from playful to noisy and it is all about trying to find out where it aches or not, trying to feel where it hurts so good. Taking an electro-acoustic path, with nothing but a dorky drum kit, 2 cheesy toy keyboards and some stomp boxes.

In a way the sounds are a bit "harsh" but the notion throughout "Start Here" has always been melancholic and somewhat poetic...



RB062 - Off Land - Commute

Let's go back to 2006.
I used to hate my job, the dead-end brainless work.
Even more, I used to hate my commute.
An hour by subway what would take 20 minutes by car if I had owned one.
Everyday I walked to the subway, switching lines in town and took a 2nd line to the end.
I dreamed that one day the subway would take me past the last stop, just keep going.
Or maybe I would end up somewhere else, somewhere new.
Music was my salvation, my soundtrack, those two hours each day.
With or without music the commute was a score I listened to countless times.
On two occasions, for posterity, I recorded the commute.
Now it's 2009 and my life has changed so much.
I look back into the dust of times and accompany a soundtrack to those days of travel.
This was my commute.

The Process: Commute is an experimental concept album about commuting. The album is the length of my commute in 2006. I recorded my commute four times (2 out and 2 back), overlapping all four audio recordings into one 68 minute sound collage. This soundscape became the foundation of the composition and the subtle ambiance heard throughout Commute. Tones were designated to various sounds; watery piano for people & chimes, dulcimer drones for cars, drums for rain & subway tracks, low drones for subway cars, and synths for general ambient noise. The structure was entirely in the hands of the field recording collage. It was my conscious decision however to break Commute up into three sections. Each section represents a different leg of the commute (1 - The walk to the subway / 2 - The ride downtown / 3 - The 2nd line outbound).



Upcoming Releases

Out on Resting Bell during August!

RB066 - Bas van Huizen - Wegwerpwee
RB067 - strom noir - kueyen



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